Gotta love ZERO RISK in the SP500 = $$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by makloda, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. S2007S


    that is amazing, this market is really getting quite pathetic, isnt it
    #1091     Feb 14, 2007
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    SO lets see, 102 point gain yesterday and another 96 point jump today, all losses totally erased and new record highs on there way by 4pm. This is the 6th time since December where if you decided to buy the dip you made money. One day the dip will turn into a dive and all those left holding at the top will truly remember how they had the greatest opportunity to sell.:p
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  3. T280


    Says the man with no balls who is never around during a downturn and never ever ever announces where he is buying on the dips
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  4. Dude, even if the market shows some weakness, they will spin rate cuts, its no use, hop on board. Dont miss out from being stubborn, buy the next dip.

    Their it is the Dow just dippped ten points to 12768, I am in again long next stop 13000, chooo chooo.
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    Ouch. This is going to leave a mark on the shorties!

    Hope they are okay. We need their forced buy-in power to really zoom.

    Too bad, tho. But we tol 'em...just buy the Dip!!!! :cool:
    #1095     Feb 14, 2007
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    they will spin rate cuts as bullish, no matter what which ever way they spin it, its bullish. 13000 is happening, im bearish but i believe they will push it as far as it can stretch.
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    I bought QLD the other day for a swingtrade, went in around 83.70 just sold it now at 85.80. $2.00 profit in a few days isnt bad, will wait for the next pullback on QLD at around 81-82 to pick up some shares.
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    I want to see triple digit gains today, 200 point gain in 2 days. Cant wait to buy the next dip at dow 12642, then will rally to 12815, dip to 12708 rally to 12879 dip to 12811 rally to 12903, dip to 12875 and continue to rally to 13,000.
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  9. The fix is in, SP 1500, Dow 13000 by month end. You cant loose with gentle Ben.
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  10. This is just way to easy, buy anywhere anything it always go higher, boy this is great!

    You dont even need to worry about catching to best entry, just buy it always goes up up up.

    I bet the bears were licking their chops last week with that selloff probley thought we were going to Dow 10000 hahahahahah.
    #1100     Feb 14, 2007