Gotta love ZERO RISK in the Russell 2000=$$$$

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  1. Thats it. Corrections done. Nope, there wont be another until April 2008.

    Dump the dividend yielding stocks, no more large caps, dont want to hear it. Its time to get back into the risky trades that you know and love. The surf is up for the $RUT once again. Dont want to see you playing with anything in the $RUA.

    The IWM is calling my name. Zero risk!!! Once again!!! Im dumping my cash into small cap growth premium. Just the premo stuff. I've had enough with large cap value. No more of that junk. No more S&P500.

    My price target for the Russell 2000 is 920

    830-669.88= 160.12
    760.06+160.12= 920.24
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  2. A very good index

    recommend highly
  3. Lets get this Russell 2000 thread to the top. Im tired of seeing the zero risk S&P thread.
  4. The S&P 500 is a dog, it cant even take out its previous high made 7 years ago.
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    Thats foolish talk, THERE WILL BE another correction before April 2008. Count on it. I will be going short the russel 2000 around 845-860 area if it does get there. When this market came down on February 27th the russel 2000 was down harder than any other index.
  6. Yea people have tried to short the russell since the big breakout 2003

    got to be very nimbe or you get burned
  8. Here is my semi-professional opinion. The charts are telling me that there will be no correction until next year. Everything is looking super-bullish with one exception. The exception is that any company where there is any problems gets punished and punished heavily. Those stocks will be left out of the rally this time around. Last year you could play a bounce trade on stocks with really disappoint earnings calls. Im not certain that that will be the case in this next rally.

    The stocks where all the puzzle pieces fit together with bullish analysts and CNBC touts will be greatly rewarded.

    Start watching Jim Cramer. Its time to Cramer trade again.

    What do you think?
  9. I think so too, hes a bull!
  10. Dude, man, everybody better get on this train while they still can!
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