Gotta Love This

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Error 404, May 8, 2003.

  1. Well, I got tired quickly of being Rs8.5.

    Rs7 worked for me for a good spell, but the versioin 8.5 just didn't sit well with me. Who knows why?

    So I figured "Error 404" would be a cool new handle. So I register, and sign in, and in the upper right corner, it says "Welcome to our newest member:" Error 404

    I am signed in for about 11 seconds, and I get the following PM:

    Good to know guys here have such fine work ethics. Always keeping an eye out for a new opportunity to sell something!

    And all that for only $1250 (free overnight shipping!) And it was only his second post! Quick on the draw!!!

    He's selling this to me, and buying it from whom?

    Guess he didn't think that much of the course. Notice later that very same day, a page later:

    :)RSx.x (newbie)
  2. do you really want to call yourself "Error". Not good-sounding vibrations.



  3. See how it works out. I am on vacatioin from trading until the first week of July, so I figured anything goes.