Gotta love these Fed Guys

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    Maybe Im not the smartest apple in the bunch...but can someone explain to me how this fed moron can say these 2 statements within 1 minute? Rather frightening that someone so clueless holds such an important job......

    12:31 BONDX Atlanta's Fed pres Guynn says global forces & productivity may help ease inflation... if forecasts correct the Fed policy close to correct --Bloomberg

    12:32 BONDX Guynn says inflation levels bothersome... Fed members rethinking rate level - Bloomberg

    can things change that drastically in 60 seconds?
  2. these guys are in a pickle....

    inflation is rising. unarguably. raise interest rates - crush housing, kill the consumer and business. pause or reduce rates and the dollar will continue to plummet making it even less attractive then it is. it is a lose lose. the only trhing they can do is continue to confuse and jawbone... greenspan could do this for another 100 years. bernacke seems to be struggling with it...

    nobody is buying u.s. debt. we are de facto bankrupt except for money we are printing to buy our own treasuries... enron accounting 101. why is this not on cnbc or in the paper? got me...

    japan printed 2 trill to supress the yen last week. europe is doing anything and everything in its power to keep the euro from breaking 1.3. all manipulation geared at keeping the us dollar propped up. ewquities are limping along... .. russia effective today selling oil and gold in roubles. next month iran is selling oil in euros (unless we bomb them first).it all seems ominous to me.
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    They definetly are in a tough basically contradict yourself 60 seconds later is completely moronic.....the more and more I hear him and Bernanke talk, the more lost they sound....I dont recall geenspan jumping around this much....this new fed is sad
  4. Could be just me but the first statement is about the future. The second statement is about the present. If the future maps out well and good. If it doesn't then....oops!
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    Who knows.....definetly comes across (to me anyways) as a very confused individual.....