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  1. The great thing about the NFL is there's something for everyone. If your team is in the playoffs, you're pumped. It your team sucks, there's always free agency, the draft and next year. And if your team really blows, you fire the coach and then you've really got something to obssess over for months.

    No team has been as embarrassingly awful with as much talent as the Washington Redskins. This is a 5 win team with at least 5 legitimate pro-bowl candidates. Now that the hideous Steve Spurrier experiment is over, we can start the soap opera search for a successor who is finally worthy to use the same parking spot once occupied by Joe Gibbs and George Allen.

    Conventional wisdom is that few coaches want to deal with owner Dan Snyder. I disagree. Here is a chance to take a team loaded with talent and perform a Parcels-like transformation. Any moderately competent pro coach would be a vast improvement over Spurrier, the "offensive genius" who apparently didn't anticipate that NFL defenses might use a blitz.

    The team has the great luck to have a wealth of possible candidates available, mostly formerly hot coordinators who fell flat in their first head coaching assignment. Guys like Jim Fassel, Greg Williams and Dave McGinnis are available, proven head coaches like Dennis Greene and Dan Reeves, even Jimmie Johnson might be available.

    This season is already forgooten and I'm looking forward to a run deep into the playoffs next year!!!
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    Been a 'Skins fan since 1971. Spurrier was the worst. I doubt there will be much positive change, though. At least not until Dan Snyder is out of the picture.
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    Born in D.C., painfully been a 'Skins fan all my life. Agree with AAA, in the coaching arena George Allen and especially Joe Gibbs cast long shadows. Spurrier was horrendous, but then again so was Norv Turner, both in way over their heads. And the owner Dan Snyder doesn't seem to know how to get out of his own way although he's obviously willing to spend the cash. Maybe next year (a familiar refrain)....
  4. Coach Jeff Tedford of CAL-Berkeley and his Golden Bears take on the 2nd toughest schedule in the country and do so having lost 9 out of 11 starters on defense to graduation and with a brand new rookie quarterback, Aaron Rodgers who throws for 395 yards defeating Virginia Tech in the Insight Bowl

    And may I remind you, the one loss that USC has this year is a 34-31 loss to you guessed it, the CALIFORNIA GOLDEN BEARS, in 3 OT's

    Coach Jeff Tedfor is an offensive coordinating GOD!

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    Can you call Huizenga and tell him this.....Norv Turner and Dave should have been kicked to the curb....

    Steve Spurrier in my opinion messed up a good thing when he left college the coach is the shizzzzno while in pro sports he takes a back seat to the stars of the team...he is not a motivator, he has been known to be a great offensive play caller, but in the NFL you need a motivator to bring the team toghether..he lacks this....not to mention he cant bring his ego to the NFL...athletes getting paid millions dont go hand and hand with an ego maniac...he was a legend in Gainesville with the SEC in his back pocket...I dont think the extra 3 million beans was worth the pressure cooker he jumped into.....but hey...I would love for him to coach me dolphins....:D
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    Well let me defend the old ball coach since I'm a gator alumni. There is a beg difference between college football and the NFL. Generally speaking, what makes a guy a good college coach is his ability to recruit. He can hand pick his players from all over the country and find players to fit his specific system. In Florida's case the fun n' gun. Recruiting is everything in college football. In the pro's recruiting is much harder. Outside of the draft, you are pretty much stuck with free agency. You can't hand pick your players, you choose between all the guys that couldn't hack it on other teams. Spurrier didn't have the right players for his system pure and simple. I think in the NFL, Spurrier would have made a much better offensive coordinator then a coach. To be a coach in the NFL, you really need to have more of a defensive mindset.

    The skins do have a lot of talent and I cannot believe how bad they were this year, I mean they were horrible. I think Spurrier should take a lot of blame for that because his team was simply not prepared every sunday. In the NFL, game preparation is everything. In college its not. Hopefully Steve will settle down on a golf course now and just enjoy his retirement.
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    we have something in common I see.....91'
  8. Could not protect the Quarterback (43 sacks)

    And 24th in Defense against the Run, giving up an average of 4.4 yards per carry, 138.6 yards per game, and 122 first downs!

    That's the Redskins in a nutshell.

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    give the jets just one other good WR and we're going all the way. :(
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    That was Spurriers problem at Florida. The offensive line was always suspect. He just couldn't recruit lineman. They all went to Miami and FSU. If the skins had a line they would have been a totally different football team. And as far as their run defense goes, it's hard to stop the run when your offense goes 3 and out every series. Teams used that to their advantage to wear down the redskins defense.
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