gotta be some call sellers getting reamed here

Discussion in 'Options' started by stock777, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. yep. I think so.

    bears lose again.
  2. Why do there have to be call sellers?

    IV is getting crushed. Some call sellers are doing just fine, if they are short (not naked) Aug or Sep

  3. Not on NOK. Sold calls yester bought them back today. And... today is a good day to sell more calls.

    - Ray
  4. If you sold upside vol you're kicking but
  5. yup.. some folks I know.. sold lot of naked OTM July expiry and have given back all gains from past 3 weeks.

    all it takes is 3 Plus days and lot of high probablity naked calls get In the money..

    the nickel and dime approach to selling naked puts and calls has its pains.

    if selling front month OTM naked calls is your strategy,,,and you break even this month. thank your stars.....

    and BTW, august is a long 5 weeks plus the deadly earnings season..

    some where I read , seasoned option players stay away from the earning season months.. ha ha.
  6. those who sold upside vol made a KILLING, those noobies who thot selling naked was a good idea lost again.
  7. Yeah, my few pre-earnings calendar plays were doing great in the previous weeks, but those positions lost a significant portion of their profits this week because of the vol.