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  1. I've seen large orders hit during the Asian session including similar 5,000+ orders
    whatever the block/s volume might have been
    not usually up at this time of day and it was definitely a surprise to see the price
    reverse direction as it did, and according to the Dow Jones newswire via Oanda -
    "Euro Jumps On Sarkozy Remarks About Defending Euro" 6:12am
    then of course the price reverses from the top to continue the downtrend, which all
    adds up to 'buy on rumour sell on news' - or in the euro's case, 'sell on rumour buy
    on news' with the news being whatever Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke has to
    say on Friday
  2. this is called the " dealer flops a pair of ladies......."

    it takes 5 to 10,000 lots to move the market like that.

  3. mt4 client bogs down as the following 1 history and 2 log files continue to add data.........

    the charts and quote feed slows down to a crawl........

    every week or so, delete the contents of these 3 folders inside the mt4 directory

    close the prog.
    do not toss out the folders, just the files in them.

    restart mt4 , watch it fly.......

    just another trick by mt4 to scam the retail trader and slow the program down as you try to get trades on and off.



    where to look.
    find the metatrader folder on what ever drive you are using.......

    C:\Program Files\FxPro MetaTrader\history
    C:\Program Files\FxPro MetaTrader\logs
    C:\Program Files\FxPro MetaTrader\experts\logs
  4. just happened across the attached, it's the ES mini S&P an hour before closing
    chart is 5 secs and total volume was 12,940 contracts in the single 5 sec bar
    the price twitched down 1 tick on the next bar
    average daily volume of the ES is about 10 times that of the 6E
    today's 6E volume: 163,329
    today's ES volume: 1,832,857
    slow day
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    Thanks for the example Wallace.
    Here is a pic around 24th-25th august. But I put it on 30minutes timeframe. I only have the spot one. Can you tell me if the second arrow, highlighted with a triangle - corresponds to the big jump in volume in the ES. Just to make sure we are commenting on the same situation. :)
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    here is the chart
  7. lg_cap, no, look at the images more closely
    the 6E takes off from about 1.4398 about 6:10am est
    the 5min spot chart price takes off a little higher at bar 15:05/10 - Alpari NY demo
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  9. I don't know how many times I have to tell you this. If you are a big bank and you want to buy you sell. You sell until you can collect enough position. This has been going on since the Rothchilds invented banking.
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    do you mind may be downloading my pic, and circling the correct prices.


    thansk for the insight
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