Got to give Bill Maher props on this one.

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  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Even though i despise Bill Maher, i got to give him credit for taking down this liberal ass hat who wanted to make the false equivalency that every religion has a extemists just as bad as muslims.

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  2. He speaks the truth here, but he's still an asshole.
  3. He almost always speaks the truth. He does exaggerat to extreme in his jokes and commentary but if you know satire and humor it's easy tell when he does this. There is no republican or democrat equivalent honest pundit.
  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    Actualy he rarely speaks the truth, he merely speaks with the same blind ideological conviction that he chastises his opponents over.

    Here is just one example, last week, he actually tried to make the claim that guys like Ron Paul were ruining libertarianism, and that the libertarian ideology somehow changed from what his stupid opinion of it in his head was, somehow the jackass actually has convinced himself that libertarianism = big government, and people are trying to change that, bill maher is a fucking idiot, atlas shrugged was written one year after he was born, and he is trying to make the claim that somehow the libertarian party changed, changed from when he was a libertarian.

    Bill Maher is literally the direct opposite of libertarian, the asshat actually tried to claim he was a libertarian, while in the same sentence talking about how much he loved big government. A communist like Bill Maher considering himself a libertarian, is literally like a cat considering themself a dog, it just goes to show that the guy has no grip on reality.

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  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    Breitbart nails his socialist ass to the wall here, Maher callling himself a libertarian has to be the most laughable case of self delusion i have ever seen, besides maybe RCG.

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  6. Max what do you disagree with what Maher said? Big government meat inspectors? Big government air traffic controllers? Big government stop lights?
  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    All three ae the direct opposite of libertarian ideology, The main thing i disagree with is Maher's claim that he is a libertarian while he cheerleads big government ideas like obamacare. And yes if it was left to the free market, these things would take care of themselves. M aher is actualloy so deluded that he attacks the free market as if doing so justifies his claim that he is is a libertarian. The free market is literally the core principle to libertarian ideology.
  8. What your describing as libertarian sounds more like anarchy and antisocial. There has to be rules for a society to operate as a society. There are probably places to go in the world with very few rules but even the wealthy don't really want to live in places like that.
    And I disagree with the premise that the free market would solve those problems, go to some third world countries where there is no meat inspections or water standards and you will see the free market does not do as good a job there as our government regulations do here.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    B.S. as a libertarian i have no problem with laws, only if someone causes harm to another person, the three examples you gave were meat, traffic lights and air traddifc controllers. The countries you are talking about with no laws is not the same thing as having a free market with little to no regulation but laws which come into place if you harm someone.

    Do you really think if airports were private they wouldnt have air traffic controllers, knowing they were liable if they kill someone?

    There are private roads in toronto that are pay per kilometer, miraculously they all have signs on them, and they manage to operate with no help from the government, they are also much better maintained then the other roads, and there is less traffic.

    In terms of meat, go to any third world country and walk through a meat market and everyone would agree the conditions are atrocious, and yet you dont hear about people dying en masse. If tainted meat became to much of a problem you would end up with private companies who would regulate and sign off on certain meat, that meat would end up selling at a higher price, because people would be willing to pay more for the good meat.

    There is almost nothing the free market can not do better and cheaper than the government, given the fact that the only service i actually get from the government is the use of the roads, i would gladly pay a few cents a kilometer if it meant not paying a 100k tax bill every year.
  10. I disagree but that's ok it would be kinda boring if we all agreed on everything. You know more about the defination of a libertarian than I do. You don't want to be too inclusive or there will be no support. Like Maher I too have libertarian views on some issues, that describes it better doesn't it.
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