Got to becareful...

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  1. mgrund


    Using the word " white " and black" as the law enforcement agencies watching- hence I be polliticaly correct term and call them " Caucasians and negroids"
  2. Eight


    Ham, Shem and Japeth are the fathers of everybody. Hamites are Africans/Asians, Shemites are Arabs and Japethites are Indo Europeans. Hamites typically live in dirt floor shacks and don't have much of a government, Shemites are overrun with Islam and have been murdering each other since the 8th century. The European branch of Japeth typically has roads, cars, 401k's, corporations, houses, banks, etc.. Noah indicated that was how it would be.

    Maybe we could refer to people as Hamitic, Shemitic, and Japethitic?
  3. Lucrum


    Isn't be careful two words?
  4. Fixed it.

    "Gots to becareful"
  5. Actually if I was black, I know I would be an Uncle Tom or a House Negro, hence I would like my bros to call me a cracker instead.

    I like the way "cracker" sounds. If I had any balack friends I'd hope they'd call me a cracker.

    "Nutmeg you be a cracking cracker"
  6. pspr


    Nutmeg - you da Cracker!! :D