Got System Cocked, Where Do I Shoot?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by btowntrader54, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Intraday equities set of 2 indicators. Shows strong results from Jan 7 to Aug 1. Scalable to $3mm, maybe up to $6mm max.

    I have FT job, don't want to leave. I'd prefer a share deal with an independent trader. Do any of you do this sort of deal or have guidance on how to proceed? I've checked out Collective2.

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    Soon, the rest of the board's gonna come around and say, if it is so successful, why not do it yourself? You say you don't want to quit your job, why not take a leave of absence? Seems to me you're just trying to find a willing trader with the cash to buy your "system".
  3. Not looking to sell it. Just looking for someone to trade it, hopefully make a few dollars while I make a few pennies. It's not an earth-shattering system but it does provide respectable returns. I figured someone on here would like to try it out or could at least provide some advice on how to find someone to try it out.

    Thanks for your input though, I do appreciate the non-flame response.
  4. And leave of absence won't fly because I just started last year.
  5. Even more bizarre than your previous thread you abandoned.
  6. I've been posting on several different spots to try to find someone helpful in this matter. There's nothing underhanded happening here except you trying to discredit someone you don't know for no legitimate reason.
  7. You have little idea how naive you are coming across. My first few replies to you are precisely how the more successful traders approach this.

    But you appear to want to try the dead ends first. So feel free to wander. I will put you on ignore so you don't have to hear what really might work for you.

    Good luck in the labrynth
  8. how are the results for 2007

  9. TraderZones is right. In essentially zero cases will anyone sell/share a working system.

    If you'd done all the work necessary to make a solid system you wouldn't be so willing to part with it. If it worked, was forward tested with real money and still preforming well, you probably wouldn't share it with anyone.

    If it's 1/2 an idea that's backtested well (possibly curve fit) and looks decent you might propose something like this.

    This is your problem: from a third parties perspective you're basically saying that you'll show them how to flip a coin and if it comes up tails you want a cut and if comes up heads, sucks for them. It's on you to prove your system is better than a coin flip and you probably can't do that without essentially giving the system away.
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    put $3500 minimum starting balance in a think or swim acct,try it using 1 lot options in puts or calls and keep a track record,the options as 1 lots could be as little as 100- 450 bucks,you are trying out your system at very little risk,set a loss level say $1500,when your acct gets down to $2000 close it,or when it gets up $2000,start trading 2 lots,this game is gambling and if you aren't willing to take a shot on your system,why would anyone have confidence in it or you
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