Got my video card for duel monitors and need help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sputdr, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. I installed the duel VGA PCI card, plugged both monitors into the new card receptors and when the comp is booting up it gets stuck.

    I have win 2k and it's when the blue boxes are going from left to right. I have downloaded the drivers and catalyst suite and have no clue as to what to do now.

    I have to plug the main monitor back into the original recptor to get it up.

    Anyone have any advice?
  2. What is the original video port, is it on a standalone card or is it integrated into the motherboard. If the former then pull that card out, if the latter then disable the onboard video via the BIOS setup screen during the PC boot.

    And start with hooking up one monitor to your new card, not both monitors - you need to walk before you run. Also safe mode can be your friend while you are troubleshooting driver issues.
  3. There is no option to change it in BIOS and i checked the Intel site (maker of my motherboard) and their instructions don't work either.

    Anyone else have any other suggestions?
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    Some of the older motherboards have jumpers to disable the integrated video. You might want to download and read the manual on how to disable the integrated video on the motherboard. And some of the older and cheap boards won't even do that. Call Intel if you have to and ask for directions.

    Goodluck and happy trading :)
  5. I have both up and running now after uninstalling the chipset.

    Here are my remaining problems.

    The icons and windows are all screwed up, they are huge and nothing fits on a page. Is there somethign I can do other than go back and reset all the icon and window sizes?

    also, how do i use the second monitor independantly? It's just a clone of the first one and can't open independant windows with it, is it a matter of using ATI's software?

    Thanks again everyone.
  6. I think i'm good after screweing around with it . Some of the colors are messed up but I can probably fix them.

    Do you have any PC's for sale?
  7. Well many thanks to all and GNOME as well. He was a great help.

    After 11+ hours I have finally done it.

    Thanks again everyone.
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