Got Mojo?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by WDGann, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. It's either you do or you don't. Do you have mojo when you make systems? Do you have mojo when you execute an order? Do you have mojo when you analyze the market?

    Along with this... discuss about What is? Where is comes from? Which mojo you have? When do you have mojo and how you do you pump it up intentionally? When and How did you first earn it or realize it?

  2. No
  3. Yeah, I got it. Gann, I want you to know that you are my number one guy. That's the essence of it. You have gotta believe it in your bones...that what you are doing and seeing with your charts is the whole story. I prepare the night before so I know the probabilities of just four things happening: the market closed down and will open up, the market closed down and will open down, the market closed up and will open down, the market closed up and will open up. My man, that IS all there is. Understand that and all else follows. If you know those chances you know more than most people trading and that's enough to give you your mojo and enough to get you ready for the day's action and close.

  4. This was in Neiderhoffer and "Buzzy" Schwartz's books but getting laid and earning profits in the market is very similar.

    I'm sure there's a few ladies in here but I think it goes the same with seducing men for women.

    You work hard, sacrifice here and there and you get rewarded.

    But... there's also a time when you know you are on the roll. It happens frequently for me compared to before but I let trading go for the day when it fades away like being in a relationship until you get your mojo back... (OK, that's not good but it's true... YOU GET INTO A RELATIONSHIP when you lose the game...) Marriage... a different story...

    Anyways, I'm drunk... LOL... I think...
  5. I dunno for sure, hold on a minute and let me check with JoeBoo :D :D :D
  6. I AM my mojo!!!

  7. Yes !!! JoeBoo says that, we have "Major Leauge" MoJo !!! :D
  8. My mojo is telling me all of you are little pikers!

    BooJoe tells me all of you are little peewees...



    Nah... this thread is on a countdown to getting moved to Chit-Chat...


    But seriously, some do have intuitive... recognition of when a move starts. losloslos would be one person in ET Chat, though I doubt he trades a real account. I know I do some of that.

    nitro and 777, personally, doesn't use it and is more knowledgable and rational, aka wiser with the trades and with little space for intuition. marketsurfer's also in this league (a compliment especially for a Gann enthusiasts)

    Yeah... having mojo is important but it's better to trade without them for consistant and frequent profit.
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