Got Milk ?

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    "In a petition filed with the FDA, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) seek to change the definition of “milk” so that chemical sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose can be used as optional ingredients not listed on the product label."
    "The dairy industry contends that using artificial sweeteners like aspartame as optional ingredients in milk and other dairy foods without any special labeling would “promote more healthy eating” and boost kid appeal. Currently, milk consumption is dropping among both children and adults."

    Hopefully the FDA will do the right thing and not allow the milk industry to go through with this.
  2. I drink so much of the whole milk it is unreal. I don't gain a lb though so I never worry about it. BUT lately I have cut back to just drinking it in the morning and it does feel a little more refreshing to drink water or something else with supper. I pretty much just drink water, milk, and Mtn Dew lol
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    I would think the milk guys are nuts.
    if they start putting sweetners in without labeling ... every health food guru and health food wanna be will rip them to shreds.

    milk consumption will get cut in half.
    They already have a problem with those groups. That is why their consumption is down.
  4. no fat and low in calories, vanilla flavored almond milk. maybe that's where the competition is going.
  5. I grew up drinking milk by the gallons, we used to go to the dairy and get the milk, I would drink a glass of cream off the top when we got home. I cut back a few years ago and now drink a glass of milk every other month or less. I also just use cheese just for flavor and don't smother it on my Mexican food like I used to.
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    I did not drink milk for 20 years while I was single.
    (It does not go well with beer.)

    But, I have kids now and I have learned to really enjoy fresh (the sell on date is far away) whole milk on cheerios.