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  1. For registered investment advisor in a certain Eastern European country member of the European Union. Exam wasn't all that hard but not easy either - nevertheless I count on ESMA holding their part of the bargain and me being approved consequently for the whole EU.

    I see billions in the not-so-far future :)
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    Good luck!
  3. Thanks. Created the LLC as well and now I must follow the process to get it approved for NACE code 6619 (Other activities auxiliary to financial services, except insurance and pension funding). That's €20,000 in capital, the certification from the exam I just passed and a ton of further paperwork.

    Then get approved by Interactive Brokers as a RIA so I can operate through them. Probably no sooner than 3-6 months before I do my first test managed contract.

    There's obviously the problem of what one is selling in these cases. Simple logic says that either hogwash or if I'd actually be selling a strategy that has an edge, there would be a very small window of time before that strategy would be copied and cloned and a somewhat longer yet inevitable time window till the strategy would completely stop working due to being arbitraged away by force of market equilibrium.