Got AOL 'Broadband' Europe.Can't Use 'Permanent File Servers'??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jonnyy40, May 6, 2004.

  1. Terms and Conditions state that I can't use 'Permanent File Servers' such as HTTP,FRC and IRC. Obviously I need to be permanently connected to my chart data vendor and my dealing interface!I don't want to ask them direct as it'll give the game away.I've got a cooling off period so if it's verboten I can change ISP with no cost.
  2. the actual provider is a third party vendor. aol just sit's on top of it. i use a t-1 and have aol broadband...the 2 really aren't connected. may be different in europe but i kinda doubt it.
  3. You misunderstand their statement.

    YOU cant run a FTP server, or an IRC server where thousands
    of people log into YOUR machine.

    Its OK to connect to OTHER servers on an outgoing basis
    such as streaming stock/chart servers.