Got a match? 55% of Greek young people unemployed.

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  1. My wife and I were in Greece last summer. The magnitude of the unemployment problem is shocking. Their economy has been contracting at a rate of 5% per year. They're in an economic death spiral with no way out. Parents are telling their children to leave the country if they want to have a future. Greece is a beautiful place with very nice people. It was incredibly sad to see.
  2. this is what happens when the politicians tell you its ok to retire at 40. The govt will somehow mail your reitirement check every month.

    then one day comes and.... kaboom! its falls to shit.
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    Exactly. There is a tipping point, at which government grows so large, that it's nearly impossible to have innovation and business expansion. Greece is the extreme example. The rest of the EU is close behind. The US is quickly gaining ground on them with Obama and the Dems pushing their utopian bullshit as well.

    Unfortunately, the young people in the US are the ones that will get left holding the bag on this when the economy implodes. Ironically, they are the ones that fall for the handout promises hook line and sinker. They vote Democrat by a wide margin.

    This is what you get when you let idiots vote....
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    TBH, that video's probably heavily edited, missed out all the people who said they didn't want a ban on corporate profits.
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    From what I saw at that convention and hear from Dems, that's doubtful. I'd say 1 out of 3 Dems feels that way deep down.
  6. Republicans are not the saviors either. With all the jobs being pushed overseas as well and college costs in hyperinflation.
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    "Greece is a beautiful place with very nice people. It was incredibly sad to see."

    you won't have to travel next time as a similar scenario comes the U.S
    save up your tears..
  8. Greeks are stupid

    They do not need visa to come to USA or AUS or England

    So contrary to Indians or chinese they can go search for a job socialize visit relatives look for potential opportunities

    If overseas is too far, then they can do this in Germany. 2 hours flight and no visa required for working or visiting

    Yet, they don't bother. Because they are lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. Like the fucking republican party is any better. Problem is stupid people being allowed to vote. If the average voter in the middle of the bell curve is dumb, think how retarded the left of the curve is. Since the average retard prefers to vote for someone he can have a beer with, we now end up with Fucking retards on both sides electing retards to public office. You get a retard or a smart slimeball who can manipulate the retard voter .

    The problem is govt employees especially cops, firefighters and teachers getting outsized retirement benefits. Cops retire in their 40s with benefits at 75% pay. City workers have a nice little racket where 1 calls in sick so the other can collect overtime. Corporations not paying their taxes doesn't help.

    Not to mention the out out of control black hole military spending. Days when foreign people rolled over and played dead are over. Large military does not translate into resource raping someone elses land anymore. The military isn't there to protect your freedoms, its a private army used to protect the benefits of the wealthy..
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