Got a letter from Oliver Velez the other day.....

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  1. IN it he assured me that in his new trading course, he will teach new secrets never before revealed!

    Has a bunch of testimonials from traders all stating how they have made tens of thousands of $$ in just a few days or weeks!

    HOWEVER, this new course is just not for anyone..... its only for a select few... and SPACE IS LIMITED! Oliver does not want to waste time with people who are not serious about making real big money in the markets. I need to act fast if I want in!

    The course is only $5000 ..... a bargain really, if you consider all the money you will make once you apply Olivers methods to the markets.

    I cant think of anything else I'd rather do with $5000 then to give it to Oliver. :D
  2. Wow only 5K, this is a bargin at any price, I have my credit card out. Man this guy is such a leech.

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  3. Hmm. If these are "new secrets never before revealed," then I wonder how he can already have so many testimonials.
  4. Hmmm, I wonder why these gurus don't have a money back guarantee. :p
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    As soon as anyone mentions the word 'secrets' when it comes to trading or investing you know you're being heavily marketed to and 98% of the time should steer well clear.
  6. AK100


    Yes, good one.

    I also love the crappy saying that you see from time to time -

    'Learn the secrets the pros don't want you to know' :)
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Velez comes out with a cookbook of his world famous secret recipes.
  8. Cooking the Books with Fran and Ollie :p

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    They use them because sizzle sells. The most successful tactic actually is usually to sell the sizzle and not focus too much on the steak at all anyway.
    Personally when I see someone offer "secrets" and the "Tactics they don't want you to hear" I try to get a look at the steak, to get past the sizzle. Very often what you will find is that there is a partnership in place, one partner a trader, the other a marketer. Obviously the marketers job is to sell, and he is going to use what is proven to work.

    PS. this should in NO WAY BE TAKEN AS A DEFENSE OF OLIVER VALEZ, because it's for sure not.