Got a feeling, tomorrow 2:30pm crash

Discussion in 'Trading' started by innovest_11, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. Quite worried about the fed tomorrow plus we are now all time high
  2. Crash? Two weeks before mid-term elections?

    All that hard work moving the Dow straight up over the last two months, and you think they would let it crash? :confused:
  3. uh oh... time to cover any shorts and get 1000% long...

    we need more top calls
  4. Index slump on expectation met

  5. shfly


    Now way, the PPT will step in...

    As Longhorns said, the election is just around the corner...

  6. Agreed, going up until the dems take control. Then look out below!:p
  7. Well, is it an "index slump" or a "crash"?

    Make up your mind.
  8. I agree, a crash of epic proportion --- maybe Dow will be down about 20 points :D
  9. crashes were outlawed under the homeland security act.
  10. If you got a feelin you gotta trade it. That's the best way to put feelings where they belong. Bet the house on a put option well out of the money. You'll be rich and stupid or poor and smart. If you are the former, just keep repeating your actions until you become the latter. Then you can start trading.
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