Gosnell GUILTY Of 1st Degree Murder

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, May 13, 2013.

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    The floodgates have been opened. Abortion doctors will be heading for South America!

    UPDATE: According to Bucks County Courier Times and The Intelligencer reporter JD Mullane, who has been covering the trial from inside the courthouse, Gosnell is guilty of three of four counts of first-degree murder. More to come...

  2. I'm not totally anti abortion. Cases of rape and incest, of course should have the choice. First trimester I can live with. Serious life and death circumstances for the mother is OK. But this late term shit is murder, and this guy is a f'n monster. A serial killer, and I'm afraid he ain't the only one in this business of late term abortion. It needs to be HEAVILY regulated and it's not.
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    Funny, the liberals/big government types love the idea of regulating just about everything else.
  4. I gotta ask: Was Darwin at work here? :confused:

    Oh no he didn't just say that!:eek:
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    But we learned that a doctor can kill a living fetus in the womb and under current law it isn't murder. But once his head pops out it is murder.

    I don't see the difference. If a fetus is viable on his own or could be, killing him/her is murder no matter where he/she is.

    Why is that so hard for lawmakers to understand?
  6. Just about sums it up:

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