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    Anybody got an opinions on gorilla trade? I'm using their first month for free to evaluate them. So far this week I'm down 2.2%. I'm new to trading and need some help with picking stocks, locating the correct entry and exit points. I tried doing it myself and lost a lot more than 2%.

    Any other recommendations on a broker that does most of the technical analysis?
  2. *Gorilla* trading has been around a long time.

    He just used to be called Mr Market! He's HUUUUGE!!! :D

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  3. LOL you picked a helluva month to start buying stocks. Many long-only stock investors/traders are in cash right now.

    Compare how much you're down against the Dow or S&P500. You may find that you outperformed the market even though you're down some.

    At the very least I'd wait and see how the market's doing next week since this week is quad witching. General market direction should start to become more clear.
  4. "Anybody got an opinions on gorilla trade?"

    A year or so ago there was a thread on IBD forums gathering opinions about gorilla, the consensus was negative. If one could assume IBD was the cats meow on t/a then I tend to take there word for it and did not pursue trying their system.
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    I too was looking at gorilla trades, does anybody use it ?

    reviews ?
  6. LMFAO ... :p Boy does that bring back memories.

    Meat and cheese anyone?

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    -go here and click on latest date for list of stock selections, all TA are already done for you.
    -bring them up one by one using this exact setup
    -if you find a stock that moves just like the one above, write down the name and see how it go before you jump in.
    -when you wait to buy it could be of benefit if you start reading the entire journal to gain the understanding of how the stocks got selected and how to trade them, good luck.
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