Gorilla Glass

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  1. GLW is my single long term investment. The reason why is here: Corning Gorilla Glass

    I've made the point before that if you want to know where the US is making its money, it's in capital goods: B2B transactions. You can see it in the export stats, but as they say on this website, a picture is worth a thousand words.
    If you do nothing else on this site, watch "A Day Made of Glass". Pretty amazing stuff.
    City economies, as Jane Jacobs observed, reuse old stuff very efficiently. Gorilla Glass was invented way back in the sixties, and it's only now that it's being made use of in all kinds of different applications. Progress marches ahead very frequently by looking back.
    No other country on this planet has more, and more vibrant, city economies than the US.
    Corning, New York has a population of 10,000, but more than likely when you pick up your cell phone to call someone, you're using a product with their glass in it.