Gordon Gekko's mom tries to pass bill

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  1. $1 million bill leads to arrest
    Tuesday, March 9, 2004 Posted: 5:48 PM EST (2248 GMT)

    Alice Regina Pike faces forgery charges.


    COVINGTON, Georgia (AP) -- A Georgia woman who tried to use a fake $1 million bill to buy $1,675 worth of merchandise at Wal-Mart was arrested, and police later found two more of the bills in her purse.

    The U.S. Treasury does not make $1 million bills, but similar-looking currency is sold in some souvenir shops. The fake bill featured a picture of the Statue of Liberty, police said.

    "It looks real, but of course there's nothing real about this," said Stacey Cotton, police chief in Covington, about 30 miles southeast of Atlanta. "People do crazy things all the time."

    A store clerk immediately noticed the bill was fake when 35-year-old Alice Regina Pike handed it to her on Friday, Cotton said.

    Pike then tried to use two gift cards worth only $2.32 to buy the merchandise, but when that did not work she again asked to cash the $1 million bill, Cotton said. The store then called police.

    Pike was jailed on forgery charges. A woman who answered the phone at the jail said she did not know if Pike has a lawyer.
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    Wow, I'm embarrassed to be from Georgia.

    since I know people dumb enough to do that..
  3. Hey, it looked real to me!

    I guess my mistake was my faith. I had been praying for a $3 million windfall.

    I found the bills in Gordy's drawers while I was checking to see if he was still hiding his dope in the same place.

    I thought all my prayers were answered when I found he had a bible in that drawer. And in that bible, being used as bookmarks (I supposed), were those three big bills.

    Well I meant no harm. I pray for forgiveness. I pray that I haven't ruined Gordy's proof to all the boys on ET that he really had made millions in the past few months. I know now it was his "show and tell" money.

    Gordy was kind enough to bring his laptop to the joint, where they are holding me for arraignment. At least I can check my email. The Lord truly provides!

    Gordy's Mom