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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ron In-a-sauna, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. says wha tor how he is trading... i didnt read everyhting and maybe i missed it but several guys ask him... nobody on this site hardly ever shares what they are acutally tradnig... belive me i wouldnt either if i had a niche i was making moeny on but i see LOTS of thread with dudes cryign they cant trade or have a bad day or lose money and of course someone asks what were you doing and they dont say anything!?! why? learn what not to do first and we can all learn form others mistakes..

    i.e. i will LEAD by example... i traded to scratch today and whe i reviewd i felt i didnt deserve to make mone b/c i did stupid trades

    1) i bought to aggressivley the bounce in the home builder sell off a basket, and some these are impossible to get out, we arte talking it will move 3/4 of a point 1x1 all the way down abd only trade 2000s in the move.

    2) i revenge traded, was short a semi strong RS stock (stupid) at .85, covered a minute to soon for a +10 cent gain, saw it plunge in teh afternoon dipdown to .25, so i revenge traded and immediately shorted again teh .85 b/c i missed the move even though the market was rallying at this point and blew by the 85 all teh way past teh point and forced ot ceover at the top into the close (granted i was only short 500s and wa slong 2500s of other stocks i made money, but still mistakes were difference in a profitable day)
  2. I agree and I already said also that knowing what NOT to do is leading more to success than knowing what to do but psychology of crowd is always looking for the contrary so why waste our time ? More and more I think that message boards are just 2 cents bla bla on psychology stuffs which are completely useless but very popular: they just don't have to learn anything it only conforts their own sheme. I think I will leave the board soon it's really boring to hear these stuffs again and again.