Gordon Gekko is making me delurk

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Malestrom, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. I've been reading some of Gordon Gekkos posts. I've delved into his topics concerning free-will, god, atheism, religion, pink unicorns and Jesus.

    After many months of reading, analyzing, debating, ruminating and sifting through an incalculable morass of cryptic mind-numbing ambiguities and dialectic, my final conclusion is this: Gekko, on the whole, is full of pure bullshit.

    He offers up bewildering expositions on topics that serve no other purpose than to promote himself as a well informed "free-thinker". In truth, all that mental diahreah and pseudo-intellectual posturing has only proven himself to be a self-made assclown with the deductive abilities of anal fungus.

    If he spent as much time seeking the truth instead of obfuscating it for amusement, he might find something useful passing into that swampy mess he calls a brain. Instead, he meanders across the ontological landscape with all the finesse of a shaved gorilla on speed pretending to offer up pearls of wisdom and logic yet never seeing himself for the pitiable windbag that he actually is.

    There are some great minds on this board contributing their respective views on faith, God and religion. While they don’t always harmonize, there’s maturity and respect that’s admirable considering the state of many online forums. But there’s always some self-important clit-whistle like Gekko in each one who sprinkles in his drivel as if it he has a copyright on truth. Where these people come from, I don’t know. They hang around like bad farts in a still room making a nuisance of themselves until they just disappear into the vapid regions of their own life.

    Hopefully, this is what will happen with Gekko. Of course, he’s just going to reply to this with more absurd bullshit that further accentuates his own intellectual bankruptcy. He’ll demonstrate his inability to see anything without the distorted bias of his own inflated ego and need for attention.

    Get to it, Gekko.

  2. I hope you are flame retardant.
  3. yo Malestrom

    Leave my gordy alone!!!!!!!! :mad: Look what you've done. He's down the basement crying up a storm. You're hurting his feelings with your heartless remarks, shame on you. :(

    go get em son, show'em what you got .

    BTW, if you see mom, tell er I miss'er, it's time for some kissykissybambam, ohhhhh yeah and that alimony check is late :mad:
  4. yawn..
  5. Malestrom, I see right through your pathetic personal attacks. It's no surprise you don't like me..
  6. lol :p
  7. I'm with you on this one Mr. Deadbeat. (A rare event).

    Gordy's a good kid, and though Malestrom's rant was one of the most well composed posts since the days of Darkhorse, I think he went a bit over the top.

    Gordy may be guilty of a degree of immaturity, but so what? Every boy needs to grow into manhood. And if it weren't for the poor "maturity genes" he got from his old man, (that would be YOU you dumb turd), he would be certainly a lot farther down the road to full adulthood than he is now.

    But I have faith (a word Gordy doesn't like much) that he will come around.

    Just like your damn alimony checks!

    If you put down your bottle of rotgut and that omnipresent bucket of hot wings, and checked your mail more than once a month, you would find the check right where it's supposed to be. In your mailbox!

    By the way, you are aware aren't you that the alimony stops if you get re-married. And, my salacious friend, that includes common-law marriage. Look closely at the settlement agreement. You don' t think I know you have been shacking up with that piece of trash you picked up at your aunt Ruthie's funeral? Don't take me for a complete fool. And just because she is not related to you by blood, in my book, its still incestuous enough to be sickening.

    LOL, Hehehehehehe, ROFLMAO,

    Gordon's Mom
  8. LOL gekko seems like a pink unicorn
  9. how was the chat room yesterday?

    why did EVERYONE call you the town idiot loser?
  10. "Clit whistle"? There's a new one.
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