Gordon Gekko... has a daugher

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  1. Gordina?


    Well no, but maybe.Via Dealbreaker, Nikki Finke’s Deadline Daily has detail on the latest version of the plot for the long a-rumoured Wall Street II:

    Michael Douglas, as everyone already knows, reprises his Best Actor Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gekko. But what hasn’t been reported is that, as the movie begins, it’s 21 years later and Mr. Greed Is Good has finished serving his prison sentence. He finds himself on the fringe of the financial community. Gekko is cautioning Wall Street that the “end is coming” — but nobody is listening. So Gordon is obsessed with trying to repair his ruptured relationship with his daughter.

    Yes, you read that rightWall Street 2’s story spans from June 2008 through the federal bailout. “We wanted to see some perspective in the same way that the dealt with insider trading,” a source explains to me. Meanwhile, a long list of Wall Street types are offering their help to make sure the script is accurate. Same thing happened with the original. Jeff “Mad Dog” Beck, then a star investment banker at ill-fated Drexel Burnham Lambert before he was exposed as a fraud, was one of the film’s technical advisers and even had a cameo appearance. But Kenneth Lipper, investment banker and former deputy mayor of New York for Finance and Economic Development, did the real heavy lifting: he was hired as chief technical adviser and ensured the film was realistic. Weiser and Stone consulted dozens of Wall Street names for the film.

    So, which banking titans and monsters of Mayfair were consulted for WS2?

    Veteran FT Alphaville readers will, of course, remember that all the way back in June 2007 - two years ago - we broke news of WS2 and the fact that - then, at least - it was due to be set in London. Indeed, script writer Stephen Schiff had been sent to the UK on a fact-finding mission.

    If anyone knows of any London based finance-types that might make good Gordon Gekko daughter material - and no, not in a creepy way - drop us a line.


    You have to love / hate this industry ! :) :p :D
  2. Wall Street was one of my all time favorite movies. I don't know if WS2 can compare.
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  4. Wall Street is one of the best movies ever made IMO. I can't wait to see the new one.
  5. when does it come out? ive been waiting 2yrs already.
  6. I think it's going to suck like the highly anticipated Godfather 3.
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    I totally agree, I mean...

    "Gekko is cautioning Wall Street that the “end is coming” — but nobody is listening. So Gordon is obsessed with trying to repair his ruptured relationship with his daughter."

    That is so NOT Gordo. I have faith M. Douglas will not apply for this stuff. What a way to ruin a classic.
  9. Honestly, there is no way this movie should come out.. Looks like a freaking disaster from a-z. I think a lot of people think douglas made that movie, but having the daughter replace charlie sheen in any capacity is retarded.. If they brought back sheen and douglas, I would watch it in a heartbeat.
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    LOL you guys are freakin' nuts. First of all, Oliver Stone is directing. Michael Douglas and Shia LeBouef are already signed on. And Javier Bardem is also rumored to be in strong consideration for the antagonist role. You think a movie with those people involved is going to suck? GMFB!

    On top of that, that father/daughter ruptured relationship is not the main plot, it's a subplot. The main plot is that Shia's mentor killed himself because of an evil hedge fund manager (maybe Javier Bardem). And Shia contacts Gordon for help and revenge.
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