Gordon Gecko uses Lightspeed??!

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  1. Not very, considering that Oliver Stone knows very little about finance and trading. REDI would be more likely (yes, I know it sucks, first-hand).
  2. Really? I`ve been a redi user for 8 years and love it. What dont you like?
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    What platform do you like bro?

  4. redi takes forever to load up if it crashed
    gs customer suport is wishy washy at best
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    In the movie "A Perfect Murder" where Douglas plays a ruthless currency trader you can see in the background that he in fact uses Trade Station for his charting with Ichimoku Clouds.
  6. You may be right about Ollie but I'm sure he has the best consultants money can buy. They picked lightspeed for a reason, I'm sure every platform wishes they were featured. It's possible the movie will be a huge hit.... Or a flop.
  7. Can you post a link to that scene?

  8. I though all the greats used Quotetracker
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