Goran from tradingmarkets.com?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by badger, Dec 8, 2001.

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    Does anybody know whats happened to Goran from Tradingmarkets.com
    His commentary was good. where is he now?
    I saw him couple of times at jagfn, but he appears there only occasionally.
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  4. You could put together a hell of a site with the guys who've left RealMoney and TradingMarkets...Marder, Cooper, G-man, Todd Harrison, Padihna, Luskin, et al.
  5. I didn't like luskin at all.
    I think he was a hack.
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    I thought his commentary was pretty good, but the way he left- by badmouthing people at realmoney.com because they didn't agree with his views, was pretty amatuerish. I think his fund blew up or closed shortly thereafter.
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    anybody know what Cooper is doing now??
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    Jeff Cooper Chat Room –
    I use Mirc as my IRC client – it’s free!
    It is available at http://www.mirc.com/
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    Once the program is installed, use these settings:
    Server name – othernet:Random Server
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    Chat Room -- #JeffCooper
    If you have problems, email me back and I will try to lead you through it step-by-step. Please understand that I am not an IRC or Mirc expert, but I do understand the basics.
    Your verification that the chat is working will be when you join the room and see my nick (darren) or some other traders nick that you are familiar with.
    Above all, enjoy and learn from the best trader I know (Jeff) for free while it lasts. BTW, Jeff’s nick in the chat room is coop.
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    thanks for the info Tony98, Ill try to login tommorow
  10. Regarding Don Luskin, I don't say he was a great trader or investor but he had some interesting ideas and is a first rate intellect. His mutual fund and original site, metamarkets.com, closed a few months back. He started a new site called The Luskin Report, www.luskinreport.com, and just the other day that became a new institutional service with some free commentary.

    I have to wonder if RealMoney will hang on much longer, ditto TradingMarkets? They must be losing money big time and I don't see much of a market for them with their current formats. TM in particular has gone from being really useful to being pretty much totally useless.
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