GoPro will move some manufacturing out of China to avoid tariffs — but it's not promising U.S. jobs

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bone, May 14, 2019.

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    that I agree.. the wealth is too concentrated..
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    but to think that we 'reach-out for help'... that maybe too naive? for lack of better word.. sorry.. time like 2009 it was everyone hanging on for their own dear life.... yes China put in a stimulus, but that was for it's own good as well, couldn't afford losing the Western markets... which happens to be the core issue of this trade war.

    Obama's good will - lol... guy is weak.. multiple foreign policy disasters... not a surprise for a guy only with community organizer but no executive experience.. lots of good will from organizing communities lol.... except the international policy battle ground is far more brutal than the Chicago communities lol.
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    On people like you!
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  4. You've clearly forgotten how bad a shape the US was in in 2009; far, far worse then Canada experienced at the same time. Your real estate market crashed, most of your big banks pretty much failed and had to be bailed out by taxpayers, two of your three automakers were on the verge of insolvency too ( Ford was the only one doing ok and their stock went to $1 anyways ).
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    Too many companies with productions in China.

    Scare the U.S. companies enough...they'll just move their productions to another country in Asia while the U.S./China trade jabs at each other. Actually, other Asian companies with productions in China have already begun moving their productions to other Asia countries (e.g. South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam). Also, some have begun moving their productions to South America like Brazil.

    Yet, these production lines that have moved has been small but could quickly become major production lines if needed.

    Regardless, of course there's pressure on China for a fair deal. Its like two cars driving fast towards each other and each driver waiting for the other to steer away to avoid a head on collision in a game of "chicken".

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    Vietnam is supposedly looking to really exploit the China situation. And US Companies are building plants in Mexico - they bypass the very expensive cargo ship transport and they own the plant site and equipment and intellectual property outright without having to put up with Communist Party thuggery.
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    Lived thru that. Didn’t forget.
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  8. DeGlobalization my friend, it's been happening way before Tariffs... Read into Speedfactory by Adidas, Automation and 3D Printing is the death of globalization, Adidas set up shop back in Germany and Atlanta, said it was cheaper then making in China. All these are older articles, South Korean firms moving out of China as well, some use the " trade war " as a convenient excuse to leave the Communist rules and limited outflow of cash, political environment is huge when choosing where to do business.
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    Do you consider this a "good" thing? I read all these conspiracy theories about world governments, making citizens their slaves and such. The opposite is happening.
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  10. I am not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing... I am a huge homer tho, really pro Canadian. I think most people are nationalists and that's the way the world and global economy is headed towards too... 3D Printing and Automation will be the corner stone of countries, the stronger it is and more patents a country has, the higher quality of life it will enjoy.

    I am against Machines taking over Human work, but as the saying says... I don't make the rules, I just live by them. I will be involved in VC sphere eventually, and those two are the industries Canada needs to focus and dominate, along with fish farms, renewable and drone farming =)
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