GoPro will move some manufacturing out of China to avoid tariffs — but it's not promising U.S. jobs

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    fighting a trade war like this would be far more difficult for the EU as they are after all not a single country - Brussel prolly does not have the say like Trump has, to slap on 25% on a tweet lol.

    Japan.. forget about it... the country's economy aint doing too good and the BOJ has been buying the stocks.

    the US really is the final frontier... and thank god we got Trump.
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    I was hoping for a little more sarcasm, but I guess you're not the type. lol

    Even Angela Merkel? She's supposedly the most powerful women in the world. Toothless as well I assume? Consumed by the liberals alive. I always read about the BOJ's fiscal polices when I want to have a laugh. The central bank is pretty much buying every asset in the country. The debt is now up to a quadrillion yen. People outside finance thinks Japan is a perfect country. Oh sweet irony.
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    Lol sorry missed the sarcasm. Just there are so many misinformed people out there due to the MSM trying to discredit the president. You see so many name callings but without any substance.

    It’s really a shame that in this critical moment when America’s future is on the line so many get brain washed and not rallying behind the president
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  4. How soon people forget what terrible shape the US economy was in 2009 and what it took to recover ( federal debt levels are a clue ). There is an underlying fragility to the US still because most of the wealth is concentrated and social systems are weakly funded. With boomers aging out and a lack of political will to fix what is important ( like health care ), it's not hard to envision a really tough go of it on the next economic slowdown.

    You can piss off all your trade partners, destroy any goodwill rebuilt under Obama, by design reduce your international trade. You're on your own on the next crisis. Not what occurred in 2009, the US reached out for help on a global scale because it needed it.
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  5. Those darn "liberals" don't seem too happy with your plan to further concentrate wealth in the top 1-2% of Americans while grossly under funding social systems.
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  6. This article looks at the numbers behind the US-China trade deficit, using iphone as an example, and explains one mystery (to me at least): if China had $323 billions of trade surplus to US in 2018, why China overall trade surplus was only $353 billion, meaning that except for US, China had an almost break-even trade with the rest of the world?
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    Come to Québec (Canada) or France...we'll take you. :sneaky:

    Joking aside, other Asia Pacific countries will get the new U.S production as they move out of China because of the tariff war. Trump will then go after those "other" countries under the theme to bring back home new jobs. :D

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    It will hurt Americans more than Chinese. They lose an export market but there are many products you cannot buy outside of China. American manufacturing has been gutted that much! Especially in consumer and electronics areas.
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    And the next democratic president who travels to win back that Goodwill, will be accused of being on an apology tour. And the fox viewers will gobble it up.
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    The point of the tariffs is the bring China to the table and put pressure on them to finally sign that fair trade deal. We cannot really match the cheap labor of Asian countries. That could change in the future as more robotics get developed to do repetitive tasks, the cost of producing items in the US will be cheaper. A robot will not ask for a raise, vacation times, sick time, etc. but, just keep on working. Now, someone has to keep that robot working because any mechanical machine will break down as some point. That is where the new jobs including, those programmers who write code to instruct the robot.
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