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    Evidently the new meaning of GOP is Guard Our Pedophiles. :mad:

    The Repugnicans are now officially scummier than the KKK. :p
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    Can you explain why the GOPers doing these things get thrown out but the Dems just get promoted. ie. Studds, Franks, Inouye, Kennedy, Clinton and on infinitum.
  3. Huh? You've only labled one "pedophile" there afaik.

    And I don't care what anyone says... hookin' up with an underaged teenager of a heterosexual nature is bad for sure...

    But bottom line,... a homosexual predator of teenagers sick beyond sick.

    Not to mention the guy was sponsoring legislation to protect children from such sick bastards. This guy is beyond belief.

    If the repulican leadership knew about this sick bastard and covered it up, then they need to resign!