GOP Unveils health care plan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigdavediode, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. "House Republicans presented a four-page outline of their health care reform plan Wednesday but said they didn’t know yet how much it would cost, how they would pay for it and how many of the nearly 50 million Americans without insurance would be covered by it."


    "The four-page Republican health care outline lays out a plan that would allow states, associations and small businesses to pool together to offer health insurance. It would give tax credits to low and modest income Americans to help them buy health insurance. It would also let dependents under twenty-five stay on their parent's health insurance.

    "Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), the top Republican on the House tax-writing committee, said that provision alone would "cover seven million people in America."
  2. So basically, it's a huge improvement over the socialist plan.
  3. Does it prevent Insurance companies from finding any excuse not to pay claims ?

    Does it prevent Insurance companies from not insuring people with pre-existing conditions ?

    Does it prevent Insurance companies from raising rates 20-30 % per year ?

    If not I like Obamas plan better