GOP To Fed: Let Economy Fail SO WE CAN WIN.

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  1. republicans are more than willing to tank the us economy to ensure their victory in the next election. actually its their plan:

    GOP To Fed: Let Economy Fail

    The headline above is not what GOP congressional leaders actually said today to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, but they might just as well have used that precise language in the letter CNBC reports they sent to the Fed. According to CNBC, the letter instructed the Fed "to refrain from further 'intervention' in the economy.

    In other words, now that the GOP has made it all but impossible for fiscal policy to be used to improve they economy, they want to make sure that the only other tool the government has at its disposal -- monetary policy -- isn't used either.
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    You may want to step outside your Ted Kaczynski shack and look around.

    The economy has ALREADY tanked moron.
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    This does appear to be the case. I will be voting for anyone but a supply-sider.
  4. welcome back. where you been?
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    Managing two businesses. One too many.
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    If I was a voter, I'd vote for anyone but a Democrat or Republican.
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    Sounds like woman-trouble.
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    The author of that piece is the moron.

    The economy is the tank because we have been spending the country in to a paralyzing deficit of trillions and trillions of dollars. These fools in charge of spending have put each american in debt about a million dollars.

    To continue the spending the fed is has to buy the debt itself... (QE 1 and 2) ... destroying the value of our dollar.

    And leftist jokers and want us to continue those policies?

    Its the fear of continued spending, more taxes and weaker dollar which have frozen investment and hiring.

    What is it they say about the definition of insanity and doing the same thing over and over.
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    Lol, you're no doubt referring to my fixed costs. Though an argument could be made that she's more properly in variable!
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