GOP Seen Cleaning Up In 2012 Senate Races.

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    2012 is when the Republicans easily take over the Senate. Democrats have to defend 23 seats, while the GOP only has to defend 10. All GOP seats are in very safe Republican areas, with the only exception being Scott Brown's seat in Mass. But on the Democrat side, there are numerous seats that will end up changing hands and go to the GOP. 2012 is when Republicans get back the White House, Senate, and easily maintain the House, so in early 2013, Obamacare is finished!!!!! That is, unless the U.S. Supreme Court kills it before the 2012 election, which is a strong possibility!!! :D
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    Obamacare as we know it today is dead.

    But Obamacare in some form or another is not going away.
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    Democrats made a 'HUGE' mistake when finalizing the Obamacare bill. There is usually a 'boiler plate provision' inserted in bills, which means that if a court strikes down part of that bill as unconstitutional, the rest of the bill can remain standing and be allowed to become law. The Obamacare bill originally had this 'boiler plate provision' inserted, but when the final bill was approved and signed by the asswipe-in-chief, that provision has been removed. So when the U.S. Supreme Court, with it's 5-4 conservative majority, strikes down several of the Obamacare mandates as unconstitutional, the entire bill will go up in smoke. All because the Democrats were stupid enough to leave out any 'boiler plate provisions'. :D
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    What I mean is that if what happens they way you invision it happens, don't think that we return to a pre-2008 mindset on healthcare in this country. There are going to be changes going forward one way or another, and the impetus for this was the passage of Obamacare.

    I think what we will see will be cross-border insurance plans making states' department(s) of insurance pretty much obsolete.
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    We'll see what happens, but any changes to our healthcare laws should NOT include having the Government decide what is covered/not covered in everyone's health insurance policies, or having the Government force you buy coverage.
    Can you imagine the libertard's screaming and protesting if it were a Republican president that signed a healthcare law that forced you to buy something? lol
    I cannot wait for the U.S. Supreme Court to get their hands on this case. Obamacare is such an unconstitutional power grab over everyone, that Democrats have ruined their party for decades. Their self destruction/extinction starts Tuesday Nov. 2nd!!! :D
  6. The libetards in Mass didn't scream when Romney did it
  7. Republicans wont touch popular parts of the bill(pre existing condition bans,dropping coverage when you get sick,spending caps etc ) and many have said so

    If Republicans can change Obama care but leave those parts of the bill everyone will be happy. Question is how can they ?
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    So if a GOP president passed a bill forcing an 'entire country', not a single state to buy something, you think libertards across the nation wouldn't say be screaming about it? lol
  9. I doubt it.As I said Romney did it in a State with many liberals and there was never any uproar on the state or national level

    Whats the difference if its a state or the country?Both are forcing citizens to buy insurance.

    Do you feel its ok if state does it ?
  10. People will begin to reasses obamacare when their insurance bills skyrocket, as is sure to happen. Of course, he will blame evil insurance companies.

    You can't mandate coverage for all sorts of expensive stuff, outlaw preexisting condition exceptions, force companies to insure anyone who wants it and not raise rates. You also can't do those things without mandating that people buy health insurance, otherwise, a lot of people would just wait until they got sick to buy it.

    Of course, the dirty little secret is Obama wants private rates to skyrocket so there will be a public clamor for a government plan.
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