GOP Resumes Favorable Standing on Generic Ballot, 48% to 43%

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  1. August 2, 2010

    GOP Resumes Favorable Standing on Generic Ballot

    Democratic enthusiasm for voting in midterms is the lowest seen this year
    by Lydia Saad

    PRINCETON, NJ -- Registered voters favor Republicans by 48% and Democrats by 43% in Gallup's generic congressional ballot for the week of July 26 through Aug. 1. This follows two weeks when the numbers were nearly reversed.

  2. The resident kool-aid drinker "forgot" to post this poll. He has been posting this poll the previous couple of weeks.
  3. The republicans will destroy the democrats in November. The only question is by how much.
  4. He forgot to post this as well:

    Carville pollster shows Democrats stumbling even further with electorate

    James Carville’s Democracy Corps commissioned a poll at the end of July to test the mood of the electorate, and Brian Faughnan of Liberty Central gleefully discovers that voters are furious at Democrats. Despite the “Recovery Summer” sales pitch by the White House, voters are growing increasingly pessimistic about the economy, and increasingly inclined to deliver a protest vote in November. Brian points to a few of the charts included in the analysis from Citizen Opinion, Carville’s pollster, and this one seems most relevant:


    Until Joe Biden started pitching “Recovery Summer,” voters seemed reasonably split on whether to cast votes in protest of the administration’s policies, and may have even closed the gap a bit since the beginning of the year. In June, however, the drop in economic indicators began to be too big to ignore or jolly over with a sales pitch. The extension of bad news on employment also became so obvious that the media mainly stopped pretending to be surprised by it. The poll shows a wide margin of people planning protest votes.

    This also goes along with a collapse in support for Democratic leadership on economics:


    The most interesting part of this chart is that it shows little bounce for Democrats in March and April, when at least a few of the indicators looked more positive. Also note that Democrats have traditionally outpolled Republicans on the economy over the last couple of decades, and often on deficits as well. This is a big shift in American politics if this trend holds up; a -13 on economics is huge in these midterms especially. It could mean that the GOP has the opportunity to discredit Democrats for a long time to come, assuming that a win in the midterms means muscling the White House into a course correction.

    It’s not just Democrats that voters have begun to reject, either. A majority have lost faith in President Hopeandchange, too:


    The argument that Obama somehow rescued us from something worse than what we see now has worn very thin indeed. Only 41% buy that argument after eighteen months of Obama’s term of office. A majority in Carville’s poll sees the exploding deficit and the moribund economy as Obama’s fault, and a key cause of our current economic malaise.

    These numbers are a disaster for Democrats, and an opportunity for Republicans to show real leadership on deficits, government spending, and economic development. This time around, it’s the GOP taking Carville’s mantra of “It’s the economy, stupid,” and hopefully putting it to good use.
  5. He views the world with blinders on; therefore, he cannot see the truth.
  6. So when the Dems led, you didnt bother to post the poll either, doesn't that make you exactly the same thing that you accused others of? :confused:
  7. Your reading skills suck.

    Read it again: "He has been posting this poll the previous couple of weeks."
  8. Your comprehension skills suck.

    I was talking about how he didnt post when the Dems were leading, read what I said again.
  9. Hey Yoda, he hasn't posted any polling data besides this thread.

    Do you need the short bus?
  10. I have not post much here. Besides, you posted those polls as soon as they came out. Do you expect people to start a new thread with the exact same poll.

    Gallup is a fine polling organization. But, any poll could be an outlier like the Gallup poll was the previous two weeks. If you really cared about accurate polls, you could have posted the Real Clear Politics poll that averages all the major polls for increased accuracy.
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