GOP Released killer, found hiding under alias, bumped police car trying to evade.

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  1. 1 down 3 to go. Just a matter of time.
  2. Eight


    Psychopaths... anybody that pardons a psychopath should be banished to outer darkness.

    Psychopaths cut very wide swaths through every culture on earth. We have the understanding to diagnose psychopathy with near-perfect 100% accuracy. I'm serious in saying that they should be databased and tracked their entire lives. They should not be treated the same as mentally healthy people. Three strikes laws are aimed at psychopaths but they are invoked only after they are caught and convicted of three felonies. They probably commit 50-100 felonies on their way to their third conviction, not to mention the psychological damage they dish out everywhere.
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    Tell us more about psychopaths.