GOP: Purge this convicted felon off the voter roll!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Actually the ACORN shit is real but who cares right? They all want Obama to win so no big deal. Corruption is fine when you get what you want like my uncle in prison use to say.
  2. This is ridiculous, it's getting too easy.
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    The republicans need to take the next 4 years and clean house. Really clean house. They need to define who they are, and act like they know who they are. Especially fiscal responsibility. They have failed their supporters repeatedly and now reap the rewards.
  4. They have to get rid of the religious shitbags and extremists and stop kowtowing to them. They don't lose anything by doing this - those peasants will vote REP anyway.

    American is a centrist right nation. The Rep party is too far from the middle this time.* And the middle independents (and especially females) that are going to elect BO in a landslide are furious about being painted as somehow UnAmerican or Questionable Citizens by the extreme REP right. Those days are gone.

    Example - Senator Susan Collins a softspoken moderate AND TRULY ABLE Republican Senator w/o integrity issues has a 14% point lead over a kumbaya birkenstock Dem challenger in a state where Obama has a 14% lead over McCain. What's happening? Voters, including myself, will send BO and Collins to Washington next week - if the polls are to be believed.

    I'll go out on a limb with another one too - the same thing might just possibly happen in NH with REP Senator John Sununnu (left for dead by his own party) who could be going to DC with BO. I'll lmao if he wins and I hope he does - but he is certainly wounded.

    BTW - these two voted with W something like 90% of the time yet they are not being destroyed by ads pointing that out because they are also seen as advocates for their citizenry instead of just big business hacks.

    *BO will learn fast too - just like Clinton did - that his election is not a mandate to move this country HARD LEFT. This election is a Throw The Devils Out exercise. My bet is voter debriefings afterwards will disclose all time highs of split ticket voting.

    PS: If McCain had picked my other Senator (Olympia Snowe) as a running mate instead of this whacko Palin - he'd have had American women eating out of his hand.