GOP pundits stressed about Ryan

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    They’re worried about inviting Medicare — usually death for Republicans — into the campaign. They’re worried it sidetracks the jobs issue. They’re worried he’ll expose the fact that Romney doesn’t have a budget plan. Most of all, they’re worried that Romney was on track to lose anyway — and now that feels all but certain.

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  2. they forgot to tell jem. he thinks romney is leading.
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  4. You lucky ETers got this story two days ago from me. The party regulars are trying to put a brave face on this, but they know romney made a huge blunder.

    It is not just Ryan himself, although he is a problem. It is the realization that Romney still seems intent on running the same campaign McCain lost with, even after Obama and his chicago thugs have shamelessly smeared Romney.

    No doubt part of the problem is they use these consultants who go out and focus group "independents",etc and come back and say they don't want mudslinging and want an honest discussion of the issues. Unfortunately, these same independents then vote on the bais that republicans hate women, want dirty air and water and want to cut medicare to provide tax cuts to billionaires like romney, who unfairly close factories and kill workers wives.
  5. Yes we are lucky you're here with your words of wisdom and prophesy. You deserve a pat on the back, wait that's what you just did.
  6. jem


    jem is right...

    1. the polls with honest balanced samples have Romney leading
    Rasmuessen has him up 3
    Gallup has him up 2...

    2. and when you look at leftist polls... when you balance out R and D... Romney is tied or winning. (which they will all do by election day so has to say they are valid polling companies).

    3. Pundits leave out is this..
    in 2010 the turnout was D 35/ R 35 / I 30 ... and post Sup Ct ruling the Rs will turn out much higher for the presidential election.

    4. Polls of Independents have already told us they favor Romney. (because many of them were Rs who disliked Bush and McCain.)

    5. Rs will turnout in greater number than Ds in this election.

    a. far more Ds have left their party than Rs since 2008
    b. polls show more Rs than Ds will cross lines
    c. Ds have a relatively very high apathy level right now according to polls.
    d. ryan will turn out the tea party and conservatives.


    Romney is winning right now and Ryan is going to turn out the conservatives who want to see the budget balanced.
  7. it really helps when its all true.
  8. jem


    a bunch of panzies being "quoted"...

    its time the "establishment" republicans realize that the country wants a real fricken plan... the voters are going to have shove this duo down their throats and telling the panzy ass republicans to go jump in a lake.

    The time is now... to stop this entitlement b.s.
    The time is now to get americans to vote the spenders out.

    The perfect way to do that is to guarantee entitlements for the old and fix the programs for the young.

    Romney and Ryan are heros. seriously. screw those republican source panzies.

  9. jem


    I am sure those same "sources" are the ass wipe neo cons who have let the democrats spend into oblivion in the short run and negotiated for concessions 10 years out.

    these would be the same loser republicans who lose to Obama on the budget ceiling.

    Romney and Ryan are putting it on the line.
    Americans can now choose...
    Fix our financial mess


    choose democrats b.s., free ice cream and continued erosion of america's jobs and economy.

    Who knows maybe the neocons are correct and they will be voted out of office.

    At least then the people will have the country they voted for.

    For the last 20 years we on the right have been for voting for smaller govt and our ass wipe neo cons have been giving us bigger govt.
  10. Romney and Ryan are putting it on the line.
    Americans can now choose...
    Fix our financial mess on the backs of the poor while giving tax breaks for the rich even greater than the multi decade lows they pay now.

    try to get things under control with the balanced approach that obama has offered several times.
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