GOP predicts doomsday if Obama budget passed

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    I wouldn't normally comment on this sort of thing here, but this part really scares me:

    The whole Dem plan is based on this. I just see no way our economy is going to be looking good again in a year. Are they really this blind to how big a mess this is? Scary.
  2. Bush's team or Barry's team, it make no difference, they all be lying scum of the lowest political ilk.

    Remember when them boys and girls wanted the bailout passed, they were saying garbage that taxpayers would probably be making money from the bailout.

    They were lying then and any reasonable person was laughing at their ridiculous claims.

    Same deal now. CNBC, a MSM whore of the highest order, was covering the Madoff sentencing garbage, and took Geithner testimony to congress off their network to show stupid ass pictures of the courthouse Madoff was appearing at.

    But if you were persistent, you could find Geithner's testimony being broadcast on over the internet.

    I forget which congress person tried to nail him down and endorse the economic projections on which the budget and his testimony was based.

    The boy would NOT endorse the economic projections on which the budget was based as STILL being the most accurate projections available.

    Geithner and his crew is a truly dangerous crowd, not only do they seem to know nothing, they seem to be unable to communicate that they in believe in their own words.
  3. W4rl0ck


    The neo-tards and the democraps sold the US down the river.
  4. The Party of the Dumb also predicted doom with Clinton's 1993 budget.
  5. I take it you label the two party system the Party of the Dumb and Party of the Dumber.

    Because in reality, it is just like the movie Dumb and Dumber.

    No one can be stupid enough to think that either one these treacherous political entities could be smart.
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    Is it really a two party system? Just think about it.
  7. The illusion of choice.

  8. Christina Romer doesn't even have a handle on her own weight let alone the economy.
  9. Exactly, and I would assert that America has a two cola system as well, all the choice one could ever ask for can be found in the differently pretty packaging and ever so subtle taste difference.
  10. pspr


    We already have doomsday. An idiot for president and a supporting cast of idiots in congress.

    It will be a miracle if we survive until 2012.

    Oh, and Obama is going to lot Iran get nukes unless the Israelis can stop them. Obama won't support an Israeli strike. Wonder if he will support an Iranian strike.

    Russia is testing Obama with fly-overs of our naval ships, China is harassing our naval ships, every one of our "enemies" is realizing Obama has no backbone and is going to take advantage of the fact.

    So, pick your poison. Economic collapse or nuclear attack. Both are very possible now.

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