GOP Poised For Repeat Gains In 2012

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Nov 12, 2010.

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    It would be a fitting and well deserved end to a failed BO one term presidency.

    BUT voters are fickle and have short memories. Not to mention things MIGHT even improve despite Obama's mishandling everything.
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    Its astonishing that Pelosi is viable for minority leadership. Its just going to hasten the process because the whole leftist movement will still have Obama, Reid and Pelosi's face on it.

    Its been kind of a shock seeing how the Dems have dismissed the election results already. It makes me wonder if we will have a completely peaceful transition of executive power in 2012.
  4. I hope it is not peaceful at all. The Congress must change its crooked practices and REP and DEM party are equally corrupted and unwilling to govern with peoples best interest in mind. EVERYBODY is just lookingfot the way how to funnel money to their contributors.
    We need a third populist party, not this bunch of career parasites we now have in The Congress and in the White house.
  5. I think Obamas given up. He probably believes its hopeless to
    try to defeat what the wealthy are capable of marshalling
    when their oligarchy is threatened with trickling down wealth. (..Dickhead Armie)

    He probably doesn't care to endure the hate filled throngs
    that have thrown every cheap criticism that vermin and hillbillies can throw. Same goes for what Bush had to endure. A President seems to be more thankless a job than the responsibility of the position would warrant. In his mind I wouldn't blame him if his thoughts were, "fuck everybody".
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    He's probably tired of George Soros calling up with the "I've got a lot of money riding on this and here's what you need to do" bit too...
  7. Watching Glenn Becks sermons?
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    I agree, presidents dont actually have as much control over things as people make it out to be. The housing bubble would have occured whether it was bush or a democrat in the whitehouse, just as the economy would be in the tanks right now whether or not it was obama or a republican in the whitehouse. So much of the economy has to do with things which are outside of the presidents control. One person (the president) cant do alot to change things, it requires all of the other shitheads in congress and the senate to follow along.

    A person would have to be somewhat crazy/narcissistic to want to be the president of the u.s. you get no credit for anything positive, and all of the shit rolls your way, because people always blame the guy on top. Basically the job of being president is similar to being a pincushion for everyones anger. And what do you get for doing this job? For the rest of your life there is going to be thousands of psychopaths wanting to murder you, and you can never go out in public unguarded again, as long as you live.

  9. Well put. How people think the economic hole that was dug could have been fixed in 2 years is just ludicrous. Recall about 10 years ago or more the call was, better educate yourself because the future will have labor intensive work vanishing from our shores.
    But the inbox at hr depts. is filled with resumes from overqualified
    educated and credentialed applicants in the hundreds -- this I know from the inside. How there are so many useless talking head experts and actors making a living while people who want to work are struggling is just absurd. An anchor at our little local news network makes 2 million a year. That position could be filled with anybody who can put two sentences together.
  10. Way way too early to call.
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