GOP loses 100yr+ Congress seat due to STUPIDITY

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dsq, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. dsq


    God what a joke.They had the new york#23 seat for over 100 yrs and they were gonna win it again except GOP leaders and teabaggers said the GOP candidate was not enough of an extremist so they replaced her with a teabagger and they LOST.This is what you call cutting your nose off to spite your face.What a hilarious and pathetic statement about the gop.They have lost their minds and are led by gln becks of the world.HAHAHA!
  2. Try and rephrase that because I still don't know how gaining national momentum is stupid for a party.
  3. dsq


    ok...the 2 governors that 1 were expected to was a no brainer...BUT the congressional was as solid as you could gget and yet the morons in the gop flip flopped about 200 times and kicked out their own chosen rep and replaced it with a radical and caused them to lose it.Like i said the radical extremists of the gop like gov. quitter/loser has control of the gop now and wanted a radical extremist in there.The gop doesnt care about winning unless they have radical extremists like palin,hoffman...I hope gop employs this strategy in every race.Kick out the gop moderates and replace with nutcases.
  4. Like the socialist in the white house?
  5. dsq


    no the gop are the biggest socialists,what do you think the 'invisible hand' is?gop advocates wealth transfers from the poorest economic strata to the top economic strata...when was the last time that the poor didnt get more poor decade over decade?Single income used to be able to support a family of 4 and buy a house.Not since before trickle down and 'voodoo economics' has this been true.GOP is anti american.What policy of theirs has actually helped lower and middle class?GOP advocates stripping employee wages,overtime and reverse all employee rights.If the gop are against benefits for the average worker they are against average americans.Duh.
  6. skylr33


    A bigger joke is Obama campaigning his ass off for Corzine, thinking that the messiah would deliver for the Democrats, and it blew up in their faces. Ha Ha Ha!!!
    Independent voters have turned on Obama big time. Also, the GOP crushes the Democrat by 20% points in Virgina. Where did it all go wrong for the socialist-in-chief? LOL!!! He must have "acted stupidly". But that's not a surprise, is it? ROFLMAO!!!!! :p