GOP, Liberals Dismiss Obama Win.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by skylr33, Oct 9, 2009.

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  2. And the GOP also squealed in glee like little bitches when it was perceived that he lost the Chicago Olympics.

    What's the difference?
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  4. Half of all chicagoans didn't want the olympics, for one thing, mainly because they fully understand the cesspool of corruption from which Obama springs.

    7 Senators voted for ACORN .. 2 from Illinois.
  5. I don't actually think they squealed in glee because Chicago lost the Olympics, they "squealed" in glee because Obama was snubbed by the same people whose butts he'd been kissing during the last 9 months.

    I happen to think that this is true, he was snubbed when it mattered for the country and now he was literally bribed to continue on the path of making this country weaker and less relevant - the european elite's dream come true.
  6. only the blind don't see this works to further discredit the prestige of the peace prize. (The scientific prizes are apolitical, and still carry enormous weight)

    Gore won it on the basis of his movie, which has largely been debunked since, that rang its death toll, in my eyes anyway.
  7. Thus the Nobel...