GOP Could Take House, Senate, Presidency In 2016

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    But, can we overcome the voting parasites?

    As bleak as things look for the GOP in the short-term (and they do look bleak), it’s stunning to consider the entirely possible scenario whereby Republicans could control the presidency and both houses of Congress in the very near future.

    Consider this: As Romney learned, history says it’s difficult to defeat a sitting president in the modern era. But it is arguably even harder for a political party to win three consecutive presidential elections.

    Only George H.W. Bush (who was essentially awarded Reagan’s third term) has pulled it off in the last fifty, or so, years. And that’s just what Democrats will attempt to do. What is more, in all likelihood, they will nominate Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden. Having passed the torch to a new generation of leaders, what are the odds Americans will choose to go backwards generationally?

    History, of course, doesn’t always repeat itself. But if history is a predictor, then Republicans appear to be due for a presidential victory in 2016.

    But what about 2014? The president’s party typically loses seats during mid-term elections, and since Republicans already control the House, it’s probably safe to assume they will retain control at least until 2016.

    Meanwhile, the Senate seems poised for Republican pickups next year. Democratic incumbents are defending seats in states like Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, and the news keeps getting worse. As the AP’s Thomas Beaumont and David Espo write,

    Republicans must gain six seats to win a majority in the Senate, and South Dakota now leaps to the top of the party’s list of most favorable states. Republican Mike Rounds, a popular former two-term governor, has been campaigning for the seat since last year, though he declined to comment Monday on [U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson's] retirement.

    Democrats won open Senate seats in places like North Dakota in 2012, so nothing is guaranteed. Blowing such a golden opportunity in 2014 could further add to the GOP’s identity crisis, causing more introspection and soul-searching.

    But having said that, it is interesting to note that — with all the handwringing going on among conservatives (I’m as guilty as anyone) — the GOP’s electoral prospects in the near future look pretty promising.

    Despite all the problems, it’s entirely plausible that Republicans could control almost everything in a few short years. I wonder if we will start hearing ridiculous talk about a “permanent governing majority” if that happens?

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    I doubt it. There are just too many IQ47's and Buckwheat's.
  3. The parasite class has become >50% of the electorate.

    As the "parasite class" will always vote the parasite ticket/platform, America will NEVER be able to return to what made us different from the rest of the world.

    Benjamin Franklin once said, "... We've give you (us) a Republic... if you can keep it". Well, we've shown that we can't. It has been lost... will never be recovered.

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    I was wondering what happened to 47. Haven’t seen any new threads from him lately. Did he put himself on ignore? Or maybe he's on spring break. Either way, it's nice to have a break from the non-stop cheerleading. I'll cheer that! [​IMG]
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    I'm sure that we both hope you are wrong but fear that you are right! :confused:
  6. My hope also. But I doubt it. When it comes to greed... getting freebies from the government... ne'er do wells will always vote for their own check... regardless of the overall ramifications.

    The parasite class' demand for "Bread and Circuses"... and the financial cost to provide it... brought down the planet's greatest ever civilization. Can't see how it's any different this time. (In Rome's case, it took 400 years to destroy the empire... hopefully it will take at least another 30-40 years to destroy ours.)

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    Most school districts are on spring break.
  8. It has gone incredibly boring here now , Pspr will cut and paste some biased/slanted/hitandhope article and what do you get . . . scat and lucrum and phoenix and maxine will no doubt jive in with the same old whine and complain chorus line over and over and over again. Even the threads/replies/star have decreased dramatically.

    Question is . . . how are you going to entice Dems back here to bring back the vroooom.:D.
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    Maybe he got run over by a car, hit by a meteor, shot by a crazy liberal, succumbed to CO2 poisoning, caught hemorrhagic fever, got into a fight with a conservative, was arrested for having sex with his blow up Obama doll, didn't receive this months Obama supporter check, went to SCOTUS to support the gays, had his computer blow up, got masturbation paralysis in both hands, has his tongue stuck to a frozen pipe, had his knee caps broken over gambling debts, looked into the sun too long, OD'd on the date rape drug, drowned snorkeling in his bathtub, was skewered by a roof icicle, swallowed his tongue and choked, got his tie caught in his car fan belt, got himself banned from ET, slipped on some ice and fell down a flight of stairs, or maybe his Mom just made him quit arguing on-line.
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    We don't need no dumb ass liberals. Never did, never will.
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