GOP Constituents Are Getting PO'ed

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    We're getting pissed. Something is about to explode!

    A small group of lawmakers in Maryland got an earful from their constituents during a town hall meeting that covered topics ranging from “Obamacare” to Benghazi to the NSA’s spying programs.

    And we mean an earful. Voters vented some of the frustrations shared by Americans across the country — in a very vocal way.

    “When is this government going to come clean with the American people and tell us what this secret law says, how it’s being secretly interpreted, how it’s being secretly implemented, and what it means to every person in this room!” an unidentified male said of NSA surveillance.

    (Fox News) Voters Explode at GOP Lawmakers During Town Hall in Maryland

    Rep. Andy Harris (R-Maryland) assured voters he is “very, very worried about what the NSA is doing.”

    “We’re going to find out that the NSA was not complying with the law,” he added. “I don’t know about you, but I’m offended by the government knowing the record of every person, of having access to every person I call.”

    However, Maryland resident Ed Hunter exploded over the “nice guys” routine being put on by the GOP, naming House Majority Leader John Boehner by name.

    “I want Boehner up there defying this guy and saying, We’re going to impeachment with you if you do not start obeying the laws!” Hunter shouted. “Listen, we’re dying out here because you guys are being nice guys! This is not a Boy Scout meeting!”

    Another unidentified woman agreed and spoke up as well. “It’s not! And you’re acting like Boy Scouts! You’ve got to fight!”

    Hunter then told lawmakers that the future of the country is at stake — so they should act like it.

    “Because we’re losing the country,” he said. “I want to see more defiance!”
  2. Half of the sheeple DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT DOES... so long as they get their check.

    That's one Hell of a tsunami to fight against for the rest of us.

    :mad: :mad:
  3. Why aren't you 2 over there , backing them up ?
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    By the time people realize this is affecting them personally it will probably be too late.
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    "Three players from the 1972 Miami Dolphins turned down President Obama’s recent invitation to the White House, citing disagreements with the chief executive's political agenda..."

  6. :D :D i'm glad to hear that.
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    If RINO = republican in name only
    then I guess
    RWOB = republican without balls.
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    Six one half a dozen the other.
  9. I've postulated that the GOP realizes it is already lost with no hope of recovering...

    If that's REALLY the case, any opposition to the Dems is FALSE... for show only...

    I've considered the possibility that Romney didn't run an honest campaign to genuinely try to defeat Odumbo... merely a front so as maintain the illusion that there are still two true political parties when in fact there is really only one.

    Isn't there an adjective which describes a country with only ONE political party??

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    Yeah, something was up with Romney the last month (crucial month!) of the race. When he was fighting with Rick perry, and other repubs, he showed 'some' balls. Besides in Denver, where he kicked Ocommunist's ass, Romney basically layed down, and let what happened happen...:confused: :(
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