GOP candidate: Tea Party birthers are 'dumbasses'

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  1. Only "dumbasses" in the Tea Party movement question President Barack Obama's citizenship, according to one Republican Senate candidate in Colorado. In response, a spokesperson for GOP rival Jane Norton called Ken Buck a "self-proclaimed tea partier who trashes tea partiers when he thinks no one is looking."

    A Colorado Democratic Party worker taped Buck in a parking lot in June without his knowledge; the recording was obtained by 9 News and The Denver Post.

    "Will you tell those dumbasses at the Tea Party to stop asking questions about birth certificates while I'm on the camera," Buck was heard saying. "God, what am I supposed to do?"
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  3. Yea right, that's why he apologised. :p

    Asked about the comments on Sunday at a political rally in Adams County, Buck said he wishes he had used different language and that he had not lumped all Tea Party members into one statement

    "The language is inappropriate," he told 9NEWS and The Post. "After 16 months on the campaign trail, I was tired and frustrated that I can't get that message through that we are going to go off a cliff if we don't start dealing with this debt.

    "It is not the Tea Party movement on the whole. The Tea Party movement gets it. It's the Constitution, it's the debt, it's the other issues, but there are a couple people that are frankly frustrating for all candidates. I mean if you talked to other candidates and they're being honest with you, they'll say I know that. Now, they may not have used my choice words, but they have the same feelings."