GOP 2012 Budget Will Propose $4 Trillion In Cuts

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    Rep. Paul Ryan said budget writers are working out the 2012 numbers with the Congressional Budget Office, but he said the overall spending reductions would come to "a lot more" than $4 trillion over 10 years. The debt commission appointed by President Barack Obama recommended a plan that it said would achieve nearly $4 trillion in deficit reduction.
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    Still not even close to enough, think about it 4 trillion = about 400 billion per year.

    If we make these cuts, and still add a trillion dollars to the deficit each year, that will come to 10 trillion over ten years, interest on ten trillion will be 300 billion per year, based on todays artificially low interest rates.

    So at the end of the whole thing we will be spending 400 billion less per year on government, but spending 300 billion morer per year on interest, so basically we are going to just be giving away 300 billion dollars a year instead of getting anything in return, and we will only cut 100 billion off the deficit.

    I dont think these idiots in washington realise how badly they have really fucked us.

    Atleast they are starting to think in meaningful numbers now though, not this 60 billion dollar bullshit from the Republicans, and 6 billion dollars from the democrats.
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    Correct. Pissing in the wind. They could start with elimination of redundant and unnecessary gov't hack positions and force some of these lifelong gov't teet suckers into the private sector like the rest.
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    I think we should also start with a permanent freeze on all government salaries, until there is a surplus, I cant even comprehend how it became acceptable to give government employees raises, while the country runs a trillion dollar deficit. Maybe that will give these beaurecrats a sense of urgency to fix this mess, and trim the useless spending from all their budgets.

  5. They can propose a $100 trillion dollars in cuts and it won't matter, not so long as the democrats control the senate and obama is president. They know Boehner and the rest of the establishment republicans are afraid of a government shutdown and will always fold, just like they are in the process of doing now.

    Don't forget, these are the same republican geniuses who agreed to separate the Bush tax cuts and make the cuts for middle income taxpayers permanent but only extend those for higher incomes for two years. Obama will be able to demagogue that issue endlessly in the campaign.

    Boehner may be a nice guy, but he is leading the republican party into ruin. Instead of negotiating a backroom deal with the democrats, a real leader would be attacking them daily. And we know the democrats will hold out for tax increases as part of any deal.
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    I agree, that they should have come in alot stronger from the start If they wanted 400 billion/yr they should have come up with something that had across the board cuts in spending, and came out with something which would actually balance the budget in 10 years, that way if they end up negotiating they still get their 400 billion per year in cuts, and they could have flipped it on the dems and said, "we proposed something which would balance the budget without raising taxes and the democrats came back at us with a budget which would only lower the budget by about 100 billion dollars a year, at a time when we are running deficits of 1 and a half trillion, its the dems who shut the government down not us" I think that it would end up being the democrats who looked extreme if republicans came out with something that would balance the budget and the democrats came back with 100 billion/year in spending cuts.

    We already know that the democrats are going to come after them with their usual class warfare bullshit, talking about how evil republicans want to cut medicare and social security, and education etc. etc. So if you know that your going to take heat for that right off the bat you may as well go all in.

    As it stands the republicans came up with 400 billion/year and we will probably end up getting some pansy ass 100 billion dollars per year in cuts from the dems, and the republicans will end up folding. And we will just end up with some more trivial cuts to spending which do absolutely nothing to fix the the mess of a deficit that Obama has created.

  7. It's even worse. Prominent among Ryan's plan is to hit so-called "wealthy seniors" , by either reducing their medicare and SS or charging them more. So the idiots leading the republican party take dead aim at...their most loyal constituency. A lifetime of saving and financial responsibility will be punished by the same government that can't wait to spend billions bailing out anyone who gets in a jam.

    Republicans can forget about keeping the house or winning the presidency when this gets out. Their stupidity is as breathtaking as their arrogance.
  8. So, is this a proposed "4 Trillion" reduction from the forecast $16 Trillion increase in the national debt.... as proposed by Odumbo? If so, $4 Trillion ain't nothin' either... still leaves $600 Billion/yr deficit.

    WE NEED A BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT... if we're going to survive...

    Apparently the sons-a-bitches in Congress can't throttle excessive spending any other way. (And Odumbo? He's a totally worthless, "borrow-and-spend us into oblivion" asshole if ever there was one.)

    :mad: :mad:
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    We need a WHOLE NEW congress.
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