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  1. easy trade , even my butler shorted before the close.
  2. Here we go....

    I'm sure everyone on ET was short. Blah, blah, blah....

    Why don't all the geniuses post the "easy trades" before they fall 65 points?


    Your butler should be working and not trading stocks.
  4. I wasnt expecting much out of google today, I posted i thought down 10 or up 10, so I didnt make a trade....but wow, almost down 100 points now
  5. only 260 more points till all the top callers break even
  6. 100 points? Better get a new quote provider. :D
  7. more bad news for me ... I just find out that my gardner bought a bunch of puts , those bastards are resigning ....
    I hope the stock goes up , maybe someone will issue 5000 price target
  8. hajimow


    It is not late to short now. The game just started. Short GOOG and AAPL and prosper. I shorted AH @ 372.82
  9. How many shares?
  10. hajimow


    Just 200.
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