Goooooo Colts!

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  1. Jets don't stand a chance against the Manning Scoring Machine! :D
  2. Wallet


    I would love to see Manning vs. Farve in the SB, but I felt the same last weekend when the Jets took on San Diego.

    Saints/Vikings should be a great game.
  3. the jets are running on fumes.. watch for sanchez to blow up today :D

    blitz is only play the jets D knows

    peyton will pick their mano-mano secondary apart:D
  4. couple weeks ago jets were 7/7 crying we're out playoffs

    they have ZERO chance:D
  5. hahahahhhhaaaahhaha :D
  6. sancheeze is a looser :D
  7. i love watching peyton work! :D
  8. they don't trust sancheeze to throw it here, they'll sit on this paltry lead into the half what a loozer:D
  9. that guy couldn't kick his mother :D
  10. this f^cking simms has nothing good to say about colts :mad:
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