Google's 4.4 TRILLION dollar energy plan

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  1. Trust Google to rule the world...
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  3. 4 trillion over 22 years is about 180 billion a year. How about you farking get a clue. Spreading it out over many years does not diminish the outrageous sum.
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    Interestingly, the founders of Google and several high profile VC funds have invested hansomely into a silicon valley private company called "NANOSOLAR".

    This is a thin film solar company that would stand to make $$$$$$$BILLIONS from the Governments spending plans on alternative energy!!!!!

    Did ERIC SCHMIDT disclose this during his "public event? HELL NO!!!
  5. what the fuck difference does it make? as long as we get a renewable source of energy, what the fuck does it matter if someone gets billions?
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    I think its very important to find and develop renewable sources of energy! However, I don't like the idea of the governement subsidizing this to the tune of $180 Billion per year as what was proposed by Google's Eric Schmidt

    Its just giving to the few already who have, and taking what little is left from the have nots!
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    I firmly believe we'd have Free Energy by now, if the Ruling Elite wanted it.
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    well yeah,,but there are way too many jobs making money in energy to let that happen...............right now anyway.

    once we have no control over what we want to do ...then comes the freebies.
  9. freebies will never come, not even in your dreams, useless humans like you are the freebies for the select few, your whole existence, your pathetic soul is a freebie, you exist to serve, try otherwise, and you will fail to exist
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