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  1. My broker told me today that Google is on a real shopping spree and that some Scandinavian Internet-ad company called
    Tradedoubler (mcap around $650 mil) is next on the list.

    I doubt this take over will benefit Google in the short run and I'd prefer if they focused on organic growth for once. Strongly considering going short...
  2. Hedan


    Interesting that Google should be intererested in TradeDoubler. Not the first time I heard it however. Was your broker specific or did it seem more as a vague rumour?
  3. I'm sorry for the late answer, just got back from a vacation in Florida.

    My broker was being very specific and he's been right before (i.e. when Clear Channel was recently bought out).

    He didn't tell me anything about the time frame however, so I reckon it will happen in the beginning of next year.