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  1. There are several daily gaps which have not filled. Breakaway gaps are extremely bullish. The daily gap did fill to my surprise.
    Scalpers look at the 2 period average true range, $5.00 move in 2 minutes. No watching paint dry here. :D
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  2. Short on ten minute chart looking for a break below $630.00 then look out below.
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  3. Stop $635.00 would likely reverse here. Any opinions on straddles long or short. I may leg into something in the net few days. :)
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  4. $630.00 broken.
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  5. cover $627.00. :)
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  6. Goog chart. I covered where I did using Twiggs money flow indicator kinda like MACD, crossover signal. Will reverse at some point trend still down, looking for a close over $632.00 for reversal.
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  7. jsmith


    Please show us a picture of your execution for this trade! Thanks.

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  8. I do not show P & L or lots traded for my postions. My own personal choice. Ever trade a thin futures market? I took a 10 minute signal short around $632.00 covered at $627.00. The last couple of dollars were gravy, I was only expecting two dollars. There was a massive run up in the last few some of the strongest tape I have seen all year, still bullish on the stock long term but it has to breathe. I am also looking to leg into a straddle here.
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  9. This chart shows the twiggs indicator.
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  10. down we go bearish price action. LOD may break.
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